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About Aadil Mukhtar

Before posting anything useful on the blog, I reckon I need to write an introduction about me to tell you who I am? What I do? How good am I at doing it? Right? Otherwise, why would you read what I write? Why would you believe what I say? After thinking about this, my inference is that it doesn’t matter who I am and what I do or how good I am! What matters is the stuff I do? When I write, how good the article is? When I make videos, how good the video is? The CONTENT. That’s why you come here. That’s why I go to someones’ blog or a website. For that matter, we watch videos on YouTube and Vine primarily because it is what we call entertainment. Our perceived value of what we get from it is ‘Good’. If it wasn’t, why we would spend time with it.
Let me know in comments what drives you to visit a website, read an article, watch a video or spend time with anything on the internet?


I am a Management & Marketing Consultant engaged in activities helping organisations design bespoke brand profiles and promote those brands for higher visibility and RoI! I have a Masters in Business Administration from Cardiff University, United Kingdom where I was also the recipient of RMG Marketing Research Award for Excellence in Marketing Research! (See, I have something to show off here!). I have been working in this industry for around 5 years working with branding for organisation ranging from e-commerce businesses to educational and cultural exchange charities. My most recent project involved working with an e-commerce retailer, where the successful implementation of branding and promotional strategies resulted in the increase of online revenues by 381% over last 13 months (Impressive, isn’t it?). Technically, I am a Cisco Certified Network Associate – CCNA, I have a Diploma in Electronic Commerce, Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development, Diploma in Hardware and Networking Technologies, CPD in Leadership, CPD in Personal Effectiveness and for the sake of safety and care for life, I am a certified first aider too! Ha!

New and emerging technologies are always on my mind (Except when I am sleeping for when I don’t know what’s on my mind!). I love spending some of my time on photography and capture the passing moments to remind me how beautiful my past was so that I can have a better future! 🙂 Noticed the irrelevant ‘go green’ header image? that’s relevant here! I am fond of eco-friendly technological innovations and ideas and hope we can take and introduce many more of these in everything we do.

This is getting long.. Let me stop there. Tell me about yourself in the comments below. I would be happy to know about you! 🙂

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