FC Bayern Munich stars on the streets of NYC looking for the best team with AUDI. Are you the one?

Audi Picking Teams

Driving amazing Audi cars, the stars of FC Bayern Munich are out on the streets of New York looking for their best teams for a one-off game. It’s going to be the ultimate adrenaline rush, fun, and entertainment! Let’s hear it for Thiago and Boateng VS. Ribery and Vidal!

While they are picking their potential golden boot contenders, here is my Ultimate Audi Connect Team:
1. Me: I love sports and I enjoy team effort. What better culmination than this!
2. Pete: Also a sports enthusiast, ran a Marathon (half that is) and avidly watches football.
3. Dave: Athletic. Striker in the local football team. Always up for a challenge.
4. John: If I could, I’d call him a wall (I just did). He will be the ultimate defence. A perfect Goalie!
5. Josh: Cool, calm and focused. The epitome of sportsmanship.

Find out more and join the excitement at http://l12.eu/audiuk-885-au/JRT4A2LD85BPI7M6O2ZQ


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