Once upon a time, when I was a kid… I still am a kid! A grown up kid! I used to be frightened of Dracula thinking he was real (Is he?) but then I figured out he isn’t. Time passed by, many shows adorned the TV and passed by but my fright was long gone.


Then came Dracula, Escape the Castle, an original bloodcurdling show filled with horror, drama, and fun for the ones who can take it. Hosted by the charismatic, Brendan Moar, the show sees two duos trapped within an authentic Romanian castle, with only one night to escape ‘Dracula’. The contestants vary from lovers and family members to best friends and colleagues. Locked inside the castle walls, the duos must escape by completing various mental and physical challenges.

Dracula Excape


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Who is up for a challenge? Catch more on Insight TV, Channel 564 on SKY. Who doesn’t like Dracula?