In the Shield of Thunder, David Gemmell says “Nothing of real worth can ever be bought. Love, friendship, honour, valour, respect. All these things have to be earned.” And today I came across a real life example of how true this is!

All of us at some point in our life needed someone’s help or a favour in one form or another. We often, intentionally or unintentionally, tend to forget the act of kindness they did for us. But, not this very kind and honourable man known as Mei Guanghan.

Mei Guanghan in China borrowed a huge sum of money; around £6 million to pay for his sick wife’s hospital bills. His wife met with an accident which left her paralysed and she went into coma. He went door-to-door begging his neighbours to spare whatever cash they had so they he could pay for the hospital bills. He didn’t just borrow their money. He painstakingly noted each and every contribution made by his kind neighbours in a little book with all their names and the amounts he borrowed. He told them, ‘One day I will be back, knocking on your door with your money.’ He wasn’t just being nice. He didn’t lie.

Honour is Honour - Life -

The little book where Mei Guanghan kept all the notes of kindness!

For the next 24 years, Mei Guanghan worked extremely hard and saved enough money while also taking caring of his ailing wife to pay back all the debt he had from his neighbours.

‘Honour is honour,’ said Mr Guanghan.

When you think about this, you realise how beautiful the human race is despite all the hardships we may face every day. You realise life is not just about getting everything you want, it is not just about being happy all the time, it is not just achieving your dreams. It is a lot more!

May peace prevail!